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In 2024, we are sending a message to the Moon as a testament of humanity’s achievements and aspirations. Aspire One marks a significant step towards sending human-made artifacts beyond Earth.

Our Lunar Message

Interstellar Foundation is embarking on a mission to leave a lasting heritage for future generations.
In 2024, we begin a new chapter in preserving our collective story. Building on the legacy of the Pioneer Plaques and Voyager Golden Records, we formed a partnership with UNESCO and Getty Images to bring content that reflects the rich diversity of cultures, art, and science on Earth. We are going to carry a lunar message. A message that expresses our hope, curiosity, and diversity. An idea that celebrates the beauty and complexity of life on our planet.
Mount Kenya National Park / Natural Forest
Manoj Shah
The Starry Night
Vincent Van Gogh, 1889
Apollo 8 Earth Rise
Frank Borman, 1968

Cosmic Time Capsule

Partnering with LifeShip we are encoding our message on both a solid state memory chip and a synthetic DNA, then embedding it in a special capsule to preserve it for thousands of years. Engineered to withstand the harshness of space, the capsule is protected by a synthetic amber polymer and its laser etched surface has been designed to reveal its origin and purpose.

From the Earth to the Moon

To power our mission, we need a special delivery service. It requires a reliable and powerful vehicles to send our capsule to the moon and ensure our payload endures all launch, transit, and landing operations. Launching from the iconic Complex 39A at Kennedy Space Center, the SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket will carry the capsule on board the Firefly Blue Ghost Lander. The Blue Ghost Lander will target an area on the moon’s near side, called Mare Crisium, or the Sea of Crises. This volcanic plain was filled with lava billions of years ago, creating a smooth and flat surface with a diameter of ~556 km (345 mi). Mare Crisium is easily visible from Earth with a small telescope or even naked eye, appearing as a dark oval spot near the eastern edge of the moon.

Aspire To Inspire

We can only wonder who might find our message. Perhaps a human explorer from the future, or an alien visitor? But whoever finds it, will learn something about us. They will learn that we are a curious species, we love to explore and create, we value diversity and harmony and we have dreams and aspirations. They will learn that we are not alone in this vast universe, and neither are they.
This is a gift from all of us to the future. It is our message to the moon. But it is just the beginning.
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